FinancePRO’s outsourced CFO/CFO service supports companies’ operations with financial, transactional, business advisory and accounting and payroll outsourcing services. We focus on handling transactions and strategic processes for selected clients. Our activities are guided by ethics and ensuring client satisfaction.

Transaction consultancy

As part of my transactional consultancy, I primarily support clients in the process of selling a business.

  • Comprehensive support for the acquisition of the company.
    Full support for the company’s acquisition process, from the identification of potential entities to post-acquisition integration.
  • Comprehensive support for the sale of the company.
    Starting with the preparation of the company for sale, preparation of the transaction documentation and valuation of the company, drawing up the list of investors and contacting them, presentation of the company, meetings, answering additional questions, due diligence, negotiation of the terms and structure of the transaction.
  • Comprehensive support for new investments both at home and abroad.

Why use support:

  • Opportunity to increase the value of the business sold.
  • Structuring the process, enabling it to run smoothly.
  • Smooth implementation of a comprehensive process.

Financial consultancy

As part of our financial advisory services, we assist clients with:

  • Preparation of a business plan, budgets and financial forecasts.
    Properly prepared financial forecasts influence the development and security of the company.
  • Raising finance.
    A key element in the development of any company is obtaining financing for day-to-day operations and investment projects. Funding, depending on the company’s situation, can be obtained from banks, venture and private equity funds, leasing, bonds or crowdfunding.
  • Debt optimisation.

Economic consultancy

As part of my business advisory services, I support companies in their continuous development. Main services include:

  • Support for the succession process in family businesses.
  • Advice on building and reorganising finance and accounting departments.
  • Business process improvement.
    As part of this, we help to optimise the company’s resources, which helps to increase the company’s profitability.
  • Rationalisation of company costs including liquidity and profitability management.
  • Assistance in obtaining European Union funding and other forms of business support.

Accounting verification and accounting services

Full support for companies with accounting verifications and day-to-day bookkeeping services.

Support for investment projects

As part of the service, we assist in planning and carrying out new investments in particular:

  • In brokering the purchase of commercial property.
  • In support of obtaining financing for the purchase of real estate.

FinancePRO’s offer

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